riverfront community

Niagara Falls, Ontario


GR CAN Investment Co. Ltd.


Niagara Falls, Ontario


2018 to present


Official Plan Amendment

Sustainable Urban design  

Riverfront Community is the first of its kind in Niagara Falls … a master planned community with a lively, multi-cultural, sustainable urban centre surrounded by lush natural areas, provincially significant wetlands and the beautiful Welland River. The transit-supportive community will have an interconnected road and trail network, comfortable, engaging, and safe streets with a range of residential, commercial, employment, institutional, community and retirement facilities that meet the daily and weekly needs of residents and employees. The upscale, pedestrian-only outdoor mall is expected to attract a portion of the 14 million tourists that visit Niagara Falls every year.

Official Plan Amendment

Niagara Planning Group created a thoughtful and comprehensive Official Plan Amendment that will allow the upscale, sustainable and healthy living design intent to become a reality. NPG Inc.’s opening statement for the 5,000 person, mixed-use and mixed-density community sets the stage for a new community based on sustainable development principles, climate change resiliency, protection of the Natural Heritage System, active transportation, and physical/visual connections to the surrounding water systems, including the Falls. Three design principles for a dynamic, healthy and resilient community lead into policies for land use, growth targets, low, medium and high density residential development. Further provisions for building siting, parking, landscape, noise and vibration remediation, residential dwelling types, building heights, setbacks, public realm and tree saving plans were carefully detailed.