Kilworth heights West

Middlesex Centre, Ontario


Tridon Group


Middlesex Centre, Ontario


2017 to present


  • Draft Plan of Subdivision
  • Expert Testimony
  • Urban Design
  • Zoning/Site Plan

subdivision/Urban design – expert testimony

As project manager and lead planner, John Henricks completed a redesign of this multi-use Plan of Subdivision and ultimately brought the 55 ha (120 acres) of residential, commercial, institutional and open space development to a form that was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

Community planning

The redesign was needed primarily to address nearby residents’ concerns that most new traffic generated from this development would travel through their streets to gain access to Glendon Drive. This was due principally to the original collector road design. While respecting the original concept overall, NPG’s revised collector and local road design demonstrated to the satisfaction of all parties that most traffic would bypass the existing neighbourhood. The redesign also resulted in a more efficient local road design and improved pedestrian connectivity throughout the subdivision and to other parts of the community.

Other issues that were resolved included: urban design, on-street parking, road widths (using standard Municipal ROWs), potential modifications to Land Use Schedules, addressing consistency with the PPS, conformity with the Official Plan, the public/private interface planned along Glendon Drive, and confirming that the new plan of subdivision had adequate regard to Section 51(24) of the Planning Act.

NPG acted as a liaison between the landowner, municipal staff, and other planning consultants representing other owners in the area, including local residents. Under our leadership, all issues originally identified in advance of the OMB hearing were resolved such that the landowner and the municipality approached the OMB with a common position.