Principal Planner

Principal Planner for Niagara Planning Group, John views community building through multiple lenses.

He appreciates the different perspectives when planning our communities. Ultimately we need to focus on how best to sustain our communities and make them better places for people.

There is a need for clear and strong policy environment that guides development while allowing builders and developers room to work creatively and do what they do best.

John’s experience is extensive in both municipal and land use planning and land development, having held management positions in the public and private sector of Ontario and Alberta. Prior to establishing NPG, John was the Director of Planning in Niagara-on-the-Lake. NPG’s clients and business associates appreciated John’s positive energy, personal approach and infectious enthusiasm.

In John’s spare time he enjoys a round of golf or spending time in his garden with Brenda, his wife of 35 years and counting!


Manager of Planning

As Manager of Planning for Niagara Planning Group (NPG) Inc., Heather is organized, goal-oriented and passionate about creating healthy communities. She oversees a diverse range of projects from pre-project development to implementation including vision development, partnership development, analysis and planning and team assembly. Heather’s academic background and values are interwoven with her professional practice and the strong reputation that NPG has built can be attributed to her commitment, perseverance, strong internal and external communication, and putting people first.

When Heather isn’t steering the ship at NPG she enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband Jon, and furthering her education related to sustainability, ageing in place, and social justice.



Land use planning firms benefit greatly from having team members that have strong and varied academic backgrounds. Dianne is a graduate of Western University’s Urban Development Program; a multi-disciplinary program that provides graduates with the knowledge and skill set to tackle urban growth issues and development from various lenses. She brings a keen interest to the area of Urban Design, with long-term goals of designing and creating places that enrich the lives of people that live within them. Dianne’s professional demeanor, calm approach and flair for finding solutions is invaluable at deadline time!

Dianne is an avid traveller, and in her spare time she enjoys hitting the slopes, hip-hop dancing and spending time with her friends and family.


Planning Assistant

As Planning Assistant, Dianne enjoys her multifaceted role that ranges from conducting research to providing all around support to the Planning Team. She is particularly excited to have been a part of the NPG team during its ongoing steady and impressive growth over the last several years. Dianne also loves to focus on NPG’s promotion, business development and client care commitment, keeping top of mind the fact that organizations need to be focused on not only meeting, but also exceeding client needs whenever possible.

When Dianne isn’t at work, she keeps busy in her role as Councillor for the Town of Lincoln, singing in a band in venues throughout the GHTA, and spending time with friends and family.



As a graduate from the University of Calgary’s Master of Planning program, Jeremy brings a strong design and form-based approach to the planning issues that our clients face. His planning interests include community planning, housing affordability and parking reform.

With more than four years in the real estate industry, Jeremy is also well versed in the fundamentals of real estate development ranging from land appraisal and cash flow pro-forma to marketing. This understanding has enabled him to effectively synergize business merits of development proposals with municipalities’ planning objectives, as a project manager.

In his downtime, Jeremy enjoys binge watching TV shows and travel planning for trips that he may or may not take.



Greg is a graduate of Ryerson University’s School of Urban and Regional Planning; a comprehensive program that integrates in-class learning, along with professional experience in working on client-based studio projects.  His areas of focus with NPG include project management, research, and preparation of planning justification reports. 

Previously, Greg spent over two years working in project management roles as well as writing for an online publication in Toronto.  These experiences taught him to prioritize tasks, become goal-oriented and meet deadlines.  Greg’s planning interests include land development, urban design, and ultimately building healthy sustainable mixed-use communities.

Outside of his role with NPG, Greg enjoys spending most of his time studying wine, watching his favourite sports’ teams let him down, and playing his guitars


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