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Niagara Planning Group Inc.


We are an innovative land use planning and development firm and our diverse team is on the go creating communities across the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH).

We like to look forward at least five decades to imagine what the future should look like because we understand that greater perspectives equal better decisions.

Customer Service is Our Priority

When you contact us at NPG, we take your information, do an initial review and then have you in for a coffee so we can talk together about your plans. We do not charge you for this initial consultation. We like you to meet the NPG team and then together we can determine how we can help you – and what the next steps might be.

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Niagara Planning Group continues to be a critical and instrumental part of our consultant team helping us with municipal planning approvals. We now have municipal approval for the site-specific Official Plan Amendment. Ongoing work includes finalizing the subdivision and zoning submissions. Our professional relationship over the last two years has been pivotal as NPG effectively coordinated and led the larger project team, consistently demonstrating tenacity and persistence to get the job done

GR CAN Investment Group (2019)

Niagara Planning Group continues to assist us with our planning approvals for the Queenston Mile Vineyard and Winery from the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. We value NPG’s professionalism and integrity, commitment to the success of our project, and appreciation for and understanding of the benefits that agri-tourism brings to all of Niagara

Queenston Mile Vineyard (2019)

The NPG team has worked for Phelps Homes on a number of projects over the years and continues to do so. We value their ability to view development proposals through a wide lens due to their varied professional planning and development roles; we particularly appreciate their consistent, efficient, market driven and dedicated approach.  The team is very adept at providing valuable solutions to address varying challenges in the land development process

Phelps Homes Ltd (2019)